Cushion Extreme CUSHION EXTREME® (U.S. Pat No. 6,786,674 and U.S. Trademark Reg No. 3,204,251).

Get ready for a new level of cushioned court comfort. Play harder, play longer, with less fatigue. Cushion Extreme®'s base pad is coated with a proven worldclass hard court acrylic tennis court surfacing system. The tennis ball plays and reacts as if on a hard court, but your body enjoys the built-in resilience of our cushioned base pad. Maximize your playing comfort and add years to your game with a Cushion Extreme® surface on YOUR court.

Call us now... Your knees, joints & back will thank you. Cushion Extreme® brings an incredible level of cushioned comfort to the game of tennis. No wonder this unique seamless, resilient, poured-in-place system is fast becoming the preferred surface of homeowners, clubs and champions everywhere. It truly is a proven winner...coast to coast! Good for your game. Good for the environment.

Cushion Extreme® actually uses recycled tire rubber and/or shoe rubber as the cushion foundation. This protects the asphalt while preventing harmful oxidation from the sun's UV rays. A real win-win.

Just how "cushiony" is it? Don't get us wrong – you won't be playing on marshmallows! Cushion Extreme® is noticeable, yet subtle. It's twice the cushion as the courts at the US Open, yet the playability is virtually the same. You'll see...

Cushion Extreme

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