Cushion Tennis Courts 

About Us:


In 2005 the company took on safety surfacing for playgrounds and schools. The surface is constructed of condensed rubber sealed with a polymer. The safety surface offers added protection to children playing rather than on wood chips or hard surfaces. The safety surface is a resilience seamless pad of recycled tire rubber that allows flexibility when children fall.

Cushion Tennis Courts specializes in sport court installation and crack repair the company provides a variety of sports courts surfaces such as pickle ball, basketball, and volleyball courts. Cushion Tennis Courts has retained its LLC since 1994, as a company we provide unmatched service and quality workmen ship along with offering solutions to any project.

In 1997 Cushion Tennis Courts ran a pilot program for Nike Called the reuse a shoe Program, were Nike would recycle shoe soles, crush the rubber and then incorporate the rubber into the process of building courts with Cushion Tennis Courts. We are the only company to provide a completely  seamless cushioned court.